Recurring Cleaning Services in Los Angeles

BOOK  Select the date and time you’d like your professional to show up.


Select the date and time you’d like your professional to show up.

CLEAN  A certified cleaner comes over and cleans your place.


A certified cleaner comes over and cleans your place.

RELAX  Sit back and relax. Enjoy your sparkling home!


Sit back and relax. Enjoy your sparkling home!

An unscheduled visit by your in-laws, friends randomly stopping by to check in on you, four kids who seem to have the energy of eight hyperactive bunnies, a work week that seems to require more hours than the actual week has — Mya Cleaning Services is not new to these situations. In fact, we’ve managed to get past these hurdles. And now we want to help you out.

We provide recurring cleaning services for Los Angeles homeowners so that your house is neat and spotless all the time. We take care of all the dirty work so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the company of your nearest and dearest.


Regularly Scheduled cleanings

  • weekly, bi-weekly, monthly cleans

  • free estimates

Keeping your home clean is one of the toughest tasks to stay on top of. We know how busy life can get - with responsibilities like work and family, free time can be precious and you should be able to enjoy it! That's where MYA Cleaning Services comes in! We're proud to offer regularly scheduled recurring cleaning services to residents of the Los Angeles area and surrounding suburbs. We adjust our cleanup services to what you need and we various offer extra services.

Our professional cleaners can take charge of the dishwashing duty when you have no time for the chore. We can also clean up the inside of your oven, refrigerator, and kitchen cabinets.

In addition to kitchen chores, we can wash, dry, and fold your laundry.

And when you need someone to clean the blinds or your interior windows, you’ve got us to take care of it.

Our cleaners even provide pet hair removal — especially during seasons when your fur babysheds heavily.

We provide free price estimates for all our clients. You can rest assured that we don’t offer a standard price because we base our quotations on what type of cleaning you need the most. Tell us all about your recurring house cleaning concerns so that we can present a proper solution for it.


We’re happy to provide our cleaning services on a regular basis – our goal is to provide our customers with a home they can feel relaxed in, and take the stress and hard work off your plate.

We try to make our cleaning services as seamless as possible. Book your regular cleans at your convenience to whichever availability suits your schedule. Whether you’d like weekly, bi-weekly, monthly recurring cleans, or some other scheduling, we’re happy to work with you to meet your needs.

Our team pays close attention to all your concerns. For example, you can tell us if you are more comfortable watching us work or if you prefer that we do it while you’re away. Whether you’d like to be home for the cleans and let your scheduled cleaners in the house, or provide us entry in the form of a key or access code, we’re happy to work with you.

Moreover, you have total control of how we do our recurring cleanup job. You can easily manage and update your cleaning schedule, and any add-on services through your assigned customer dashboard at any time.

Let’s arrange your recurring cleanup schedule, today.