Workspace Cleanliness: Key To A Business' Success

A business’ biggest asset is its people who work hard every single day to ensure that milestones are achieved and deliverables are submitted on time. The employees are the most important component of any work environment which is why business owners should make an effort to prioritize their safety and satisfaction.

One of the ways to make a positive impact on employees is by providing them with a clean and hygienic workplace. Remember that employees spend most of the hours of their days in the office, sometimes, they spend even more time at the office than their own homes. A clean office is the bare minimum of what they should expect.  

Regularly brushing up dust or wiping keyboards is not enough, and your office might not be as clean as you think. Deep office cleaning should be implemented regularly in order to provide a pleasant and hygienic workplace for employees. According to a 13-month long study published in 2016, researchers found 4,800 surfaces in offices as “officially dirty” and named microwaves, keyboards, and fridge doors as the dirtiest surfaces. With the rise of open-plan offices, workplace cleanliness becomes an even bigger concern. According to a national cross-sectional survey, workers in open-plan workplaces with shared desks have 62 percent higher incidences of sickness and absences. 

Keeping the workplace clean has numerous benefits that will positively impact both your employees and business. 

Promotes Professionalism 

A clean and organized workplace encourages employees to work and act professionally. Little things such as properly arranged and sorted out documents will motivate employees to keep their respective workplaces clean. Showing employees that the business owners prioritize cleanliness and hygiene will help them to become more disciplined in actively doing their part. When both the management and employees do their best in maintaining an orderly workplace, the business will be prosperous. 

Improves Productivity 

A dirty and unorganized workplace can greatly affect employees’ productivity. Employees may not be sick but breathing in dust and germs can result in decreased energy levels and lack of motivation. An organized and clean workplace can help employees to stay focused on their tasks. The excess clutter can be a significant cause of distraction that may prevent them from getting things done quickly. In order to achieve an increase in productivity, things should stay organized and clean. Additionally, a tidy workspace can minimize the possibility of spreading diseases and infections.

Ensures health and safety

The possibility of getting injuries and acquiring illnesses in the workplace can be prevented if every corner is regularly maintained. Commonly used spaces in the office such as shared work desks, break rooms, and restrooms are hotspots for germs. Failing to sanitize the office, especially these areas, can result in germs spreading quickly through the workplace. 

Here at Mya Cleaning Services, we understand that tidiness plays an important role in the success of your business. We provide professional cleaning services for buildings, offices, showrooms, and construction sites in Los Angeles. Get in touch with us today and let us maintain the cleanliness of your workspace while you focus on your business’ growth.